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Silver Mines of Lavrio

↓ Silver Mines of Lavrio
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A team of sidemount divers before starting a dive in the flooded Mine 145 in Greece.
Author: Stelios Stamatakis
A team of sidemount divers before starting a dive in the flooded Mine 145 in Greece.

The Lavrio region lies at the heart of the Athenian Republic of the 4th and 5th centuries B.C., not only geographically but also as the source of its wealth, which supported the social and economic development of those times. In 2019, the Addicted H2O team discovered and explored an abandoned silver mine. Since then, the team, with the help of local archaeologists, expanded its efforts to identify and examine 10 additional mines, aiming to map and record these iconic fragments of history.

Though some of these mines were reopened in the latter half of the 19th century, generating income until the 20th century, they are primarily renowned for their contribution to ancient Greece. Exploring the often narrow and complex corridors of these mines is a significant undertaking, but understanding their history and evolution over centuries will enrich the knowledge of ancient Greece and its contribution to the birth of modern civilization.

The exploration of ten flooded mines over two years posed a tremendous challenge and required excellent logistical preparation. Reaching the underwater sections involved traversing kilometers of dry parts of the mines, often crawling and navigating through difficult and tight restrictions. This made the transport of heavy diving equipment an exhausting task.

Underwater exploration of these arcades give us a different dimension to the way we now view these mines, providing us with a unique insight of the galleries from their last day of operation.

Erikos Kranidiotis, Explorer

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↓ Date of the project

07.2019 - 12.2020

↓ Location
Lavrio, Greece
↓ Goals
  • Examination and documentation of ten mines with mining activity dating back to the 4th and 5th centuries B.C.

  • Creation of video materials to bring these ancient mines closer to the general public and help build a knowledge base for global scientific and archaeological communities.

  • Utilization of these projects to open a public discussion on the importance of underwater archaeological research in continental Greece.
  • ↓ Team
    • Erikos Kranidiotis
    • Stelios Stamatakis
    • Mary Fotiadi
    • Vasilis Stergiou
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