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What is the Exploration Support Program?

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Author: Phillip Lehman
The boundless oceans, pristine lakes, and mysterious flooded caves are the last unexplored and truly unknown territories of our extraordinary planet, Earth.
Our goal was, and always will be, to support adventurers, scientists and explorers in their efforts to deepen the understanding of the underwater world.
Descent with a KISS Sidewinder CCR rebreather to the entrance of a flooded cave during the exploration of the Lapa Doce area in Brazil.
Author: Phillip Lehman
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Why we do it

Expeditions are always a massive team effort. From the first ideas and leads to the decision to pursue them, the research and planning phase, the massive amount of different equipment needed for each of the countless tasks, all the way through to the financial resources that need to be deployed.

XDEEP Exploration Support Program originated from the true need to support such efforts.

We, not only as equipment designers and manufacturers but also as divers, want to use our knowledge, experience, and capabilities to help explorers, scientists, and environmentalists to achieve their goals.

↓ To explore
As it is the very nature of man, exploration is also our passion. To be able to facilitate it with our experience, expertise, and our cutting edge diving equipment is an integral part of our philosophy and general mission statement.
↓ To invent
New challenges and general necessity are the best motivation to invent new solutions and applications. Experience gained in the most demanding and complex conditions are the driving force behind true creativity and innovation.
↓ To test
The best way to test diving equipment properly is to put it to its limits in the environment and application where it is meant to be used. In the coldest caves and at the deepest depths is where the real testing is taking place.
↓ To discover
Whilst almost every square meter of earth has been crossed, measured and photographed, the great part of the world below surface is uncharted. There's still so much to be discovered in the oceans, lakes and flooded caves.
↓ To preserve
Our underwater environment is extremely fragile and under constant threat by pollution and climate change. We have the firm conviction that only with a massive collaborative effort from all fronts we can truly make a difference.
↓ To share
Its easy to turn a blind eye to things we do not see. By sharing the images and videos we want to educate the people of what it is that is getting destroyed day by day. We want to give the reefs and caves a voice to be heard.

There’s so much to be discovered...

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Diblândia section in Lapa Doce cave system, Brazil
Author: Phillip Lehman
Author: Phillip Lehman

While most of the world's surfaces have been examined and mapped thoroughly, the underwater realm still keeps countless secrets.

Parts of the oceans, virgin caves, deep lakes and certain flooded mines are the only unexplored parts of our planet. What may now be an uncharted cave or unidentified wreck, may be a future dive site available for every diver.

After multiple expeditions and numerous push dives, we thought that there would not be much left to be discovered in Madagascar.

However with recent equipment advances, like the Sidewinder, new possibilities for long range exploration opened up and I think that the best is yet to come.

Phillip Lehman, Cave Explorer, CCR Cave Trimix Diver

... and much more to be preserved

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Roots of mangroves in the endangered mangrove forest in the Tulum area, Riviera Maya, Mexico.
Author: Alfred Minnaar

As divers, we are directly witnessing civilization's massive impact on our extremely fragile environments. Now more than ever, it will take the combined support and effort from everyone involved, scientist to diver, manufacturer to explorer, and everyone in between.

In an ever-changing political landscape with growing concerns about the future of our environment, biodiversity, and climate change, working together and supporting each other has become absolutely paramount.

I’ve been working in caves for more than 25 years, first as an explorer, later as a scientist. Much of my work occurs in technically challenging underground environments, such as glaciers and underwater caves in remote locations.

When I first started cave diving, much of the equipment that I used was homebuilt or heavily modified. Today, the ESP ensures that I always have the right tool for the job. And if that tool doesn’t already exist – they’ll make one.

Jason Gulley, Scientist, Cave and Glacier Researcher, CCR Instructor

An inspiration for the diving community

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Fossilized crocodile skull discovered during the Antillothrix Project.
Author: Phillip Lehman

We all stand on the shoulders of giants. Early 1990s exploration projects, like the Woodville Karst Plain Project (WKPP) in northern Florida, inspired thousands of technical divers and revolutionized our approach to gear configuration, streamlining and team procedures.

Our goal is to support projects that will carry on this legacy and inspire future generations of divers and the community as a whole. Together, we can broaden our understanding of the underwater world and unlock new dive sites for all to discover and enjoy.

It's your contribution!

By choosing the brands involved in our program for your personal diving, you directly contribute to the support we can provide to ESP divers around the world. Every little bit counts towards reaching our goals.

Thank you!

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Share your vision with us. We want to support adventures, explorations, and projects that deepen the understanding of the underwater world.