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Author: Irena Stangierska

People, skills, teamwork, perseverance, and... luck are all fundamental elements of each single exploration project.

But no achievement can be done without the right tools.

Winter research dive in the Black Lake below Rysy summit, Tatra National Park.
Author: Irena Stangierska

Since the begginging of XDEEP Exploration Support Program in 2012, one of the main goals was to support exploration divers with the most efficient and reliable equipment.

Piotr Czernik, CEO at XDEEP, founder of the Exploration Support Program

From the divesite to the drawing board and back

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Accessory rail on the SEAL SL:01, a dry suit created in collaboration with explorers supported by the ESP program.
Author: Mekan Photography

It's a constant process: the necessity leads to an idea, the idea is turned into a design, the design gets turned into a product, and the product is tested in extreme environments. And it starts all over again.

It's a symbiosis between the brands which create the equipment and the people who use it. Both share their own experience and expertise in their fields. The result of the cooperation is better, more reliable, and more functional equipment.

Equipment is nothing without the explorer. But you can't do much without the right equipment. The line between "can" and "cannot" is often drawn by the tools we have.

Seeing how the ideas are turned into something that could help us to go further is an exciting experience.

Patrick Widmann, CCR Cave Instructor Evaluator, Explorer

For me, as a product designer, working with some world's most experienced exploration divers it's both challenging and exciting. It's a "go hard or go home" game.

They know what they need, what works, and what does not. But what they usually don't know, is a "compromise" word. Our job is to turn their needs into a working product.

Piotr Czernik, CEO at XDEEP

Explorer tested. Explorer approved.

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Patrick Widmann in a dry section of a cave, Riviera Maya, Mexico.
Author: Mekan Photography

We are pushing the gear to the absolute limits. And sometimes way beyond it.

The last thing you want in the middle of the jungle is to discover your gear is not working.

If it works for them, it will work for you

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Preparing equipment before diving in a siphon during the Bahia Expedition.
Author: Phillip Lehman

Pure usability. Exploration gear must be efficient, robust and bulletproof. There’s no place for gimmicks and the useless bells and whistles loved by marketing managers.

Using the same technologies and features proven in the most demanding conditions is of unmeasurable value in whatever kind of diving you do.

In exploration, both efficiency and comfort are equally important. If you spent the night sleeping on the floor in a tent and after that the entire day in your dry suit in freezing cold water, the last thing you want is to suffer from uncomfortable gear. You’d literally beg for a little bit of comfort.

That's why the most advanced and exploration-capable gear should be also the most comfortable.

Ben Reymenants, Instructor Trainer, Cave Explorer
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Beginning of a cave dive in northern Sweden, with water temperature at 1° C.
Author: Irena Stangierska

It's your contribution

By choosing the brands involved in our program for your personal use, you contribute to the support we can provide to many brave explorers around the world. It all counts towards reaching a small part closer to the goal: go further, deeper, higher, and longer.

Thank you!

How to apply?

Share your vision with us. We want to support adventures, explorations, and projects that deepen the understanding of the underwater world.