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MKEP / Ananjamba I Expedition

↓ MKEP / Ananjamba I Expedition
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Author: Phillip Lehman

Previous expeditions had many objectives and projects in various locations in the Mahafaly karst area, but this expedition focused on an exciting new discovery made by the team just a few months earlier – the Anjanamba cave.

The previously established relationship with Chief Fahazoa, who had become a good friend of the team, resulted in much easier access to the caves. As before, the chief conducted the appropriate ceremonies to appease the spirits of the caves and ensure safe diving for the team members. Phillip also asked the chief to include in the ceremonies a request to the spirits that this time they would be able to reach the end of the cave. As it turned out later, this request was heard.

After the first dives, it became clear that unlike most typical caves, Anjanamba does not have a so-called main passage and it is difficult to determine in which direction the corridors develop.

The rock formations in the cave were extraordinary in almost every corner, both in terms of shape, size, and color. At the entrance to one of the huge corridors stand two rocks, resembling in shape two huge dragons guarding the entrance. The team named this part of the cave the "Ominous Path."

The exploration of the cave progressed very quickly, and as before with the Malazamanga expedition, here too the team reached the maximum possibilities of open circuit diving.

Anjanamba is located in tribal territory, in the middle of Tsimanampesotse National Park. This means that access to the achievements of civilization is very limited and virtually everything needed for diving must be brought with you or supplied from the town of Toliara, about 100 kilometers away from the cave. The cave quickly reached an average depth of 20 meters, which increased the demand for gas and the number of tanks. As a result, the compressors had to work much longer, which in turn translated into greater fuel consumption.

To everyone's surprise, the team discovered such large areas of the cave that they used up all the guideline supplies, which are simply impossible to obtain in Madagascar. Therefore, the team decided to end the expedition and return the following year.

Anjanamba is, without a doubt the most insane flooded cave i have ever explored.

Phillip Lehman, Cave Explorer, CCR Cave Trimix Diver

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↓ Date of the project


↓ Location
↓ Goals

To continue to discover and push the new cave exploration in Ananjamba.

↓ Achievements

Conduction of a series of dives and verification of Anjanamba as a cave with very high exploratory potential.

↓ Team
  • Phillip Lehman
  • Ryan Dart

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