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650 Maldives

↓ 650 Maldives
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Shafraz Naeem along with his support team during his 50-hour dive.
Shafraz Naeem along with his support team during his 50-hour dive.

On February 25, 2022, Shafraz Naeem, a former military diving instructor with an impressive 27 years of diving experience, began an attempt to break the world record for the longest time spent diving. The plan was to spend 50 hours underwater at a depth of 6 meters.

This event also had a noble secondary goal: to raise collective awareness and start a loud campaign against the pervasive problem of plastic pollution in our precious oceans. Both locals and visitors from around the world, whether experienced divers or not, had the opportunity to actively participate and express their commitment by signing a pledge to fight plastic pollution.

On February 25, precisely at 15:34, Shafraz Naeem began his aquatic odyssey.

The dive was conducted in a sidemount configuration, which gave Shafraz much greater freedom of movement and less strain on his spine, and the cylinder exchange was done swiftly.

Throughout the underwater action, he was accompanied by a dedicated team of technical divers, including qualified doctors, technicians, and experienced diving instructors. He was also visited by local diving enthusiasts residing in nearby diving resorts.

Emerging on February 27 at 15:35, Shafraz Naeem completed an impressive 50-hour dive. Despite understandable exhaustion, he was in excellent condition. His triumphant return to base was met with warm embraces from his family and the honorable presence of Minister Dr. Mausoom. An MNDF sea ambulance was available on-site throughout, and doctors closely monitored his well-being. The conclusion of this remarkable event was broadcast live on national television, captivating viewers across the country.

This extraordinary event garnered a lot of interest in the region since no one had even thought about being submerged overnight, let alone for a few days. It was made possible through collaboration between international and local partners who joined forces to commemorate 50 years of growth in the tourism and diving industry in the Maldives.

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↓ Date of the project

25 - 27.02.2022

↓ Location
Outer-lagoon of Anantara Digu, Maldives, Maldives
↓ Goals
  • To draw attention to the danger of Ocean pollution and how it affects Island nations reliant on the ocean for survival.

  • To challenge the limits of human endurance.
  • ↓ Achievements

    Setting a new world record for the longest duration of a dive.

    ↓ Team
    • Ben Reymenants
    • Shafraz Naeem
    • Riikka Haakana
    • Dharshana Jayawardane
    • Michelle Wettstein
    • Dr. Ljubisa Matity
    • Saeed Rashid
    • Matthew Fraser
    • Josh Bridges

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